Emacs? No, emacsclient!

Emacs? No, emacsclient!

This is a shoutout for all of you who are tired of waiting emacs to load on startup or annoyed to feel forced to leave an instance open.

emacsclient can save you from that. All you have to do is to leave an daemon open. Don’t use (server-start) because that will force you to have an GUI or terminal open at all time. The solution? A command.

On your terminal (or .xsession file):

emacs --daemon

After that, you can invoke emacs GUI with emacsclient -c and emacsclient -t to open directly in the terminal. The colors probably will not match, so you can take a look here =].

Now, to make life a little bit better, you can create alias/binary

alias emt='emacsclient -t'
emacsclient -c -F '((font . "Hack 12"))'

The latter I use as a binary in $PATH to be invoked with rofi or as a shortcut in the dwm.

Thanks Pedro for the post idea hehe.

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