Patching your way to contribution!

Patching your way to contribution!

Hypothetical reader, I know what you are thinking. You have some interesting projects, but I am not sure to engage on those because on source hut there is no way to make a pull request (at least, I have never found to the day of this writing).

Well, this make a nice oportunity to learn about patch in git! So, the magical command I use

git format-patch -x

where x is the number of commits that I did or

git format-patch branch-name

where branch-name is what you expect =] (source).

A nice recommendation by Umgeher is as follows. It will give some information per line, like who wrote the commit or put the tag, for instance. To do so, make a little tweak on ~/.gitconfig:

annotate = yes
forceSignAnnotated = true

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