Zoom vs OpenBSD

Zoom vs OpenBSD

I do not mind saying it again, OpenBSD is pretty cool, however it does has its quirks. Recently, I had a fairly important meeting in Zoom in which I would make an presentation and I did not make it because I could not enter the room. All it appeared to me was and enternal “Joining” and the endless MS circle spinning.

So, let’s fix it shall we?

Apparently, in order to make Zoom work, one must have wasm enabled in your system. By the way, this is what I would call a bloated piece of software… it only is a videoconference software… geez…

Anyway, I digress. So, OpenBSD disables wasm by default for security reasons. So, what one can do is: enables wasm, go to your conference and at the end disables it.

And I give you sadzoom! You will notice that I use chromium to enter the conference. I do that because with chromium because outside of the box it allows screen share. Why sadzoom? Because you are probably sad to use zoom as I am…

One last thing, remember to use let’s-meet to enable cam and mic =]

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