Who am I?

I graduated in applied mathematics into computer science with emphasis in optimization. While studying optimization, I spent most of the time with operational research and mixed integer optimization. I really like functional programming and try my best follow its best practices.


Operational system

  • Nowadays, I am using (and enjoying) OpenBSD.
  • I used for quite some time Arch Linux.
  • I have some experience with Ubuntu.

Programming languages

  • I use clojure every day.
  • I feel comfortable coding in python.
  • I have toyed with (and enjoyed) golang.


  • I have studied in depth linear and integer optimization.
  • I feel comfortable working with non linear optimization problems.
  • I have some experience with data science projects. Mostly with classification problems.
  • I have some knowledge in statistic.


  • I like to disassamble computers to fix or change components, but I don’t do it very often.

Working Experience


2018-05 - now

  • I am responsible for the development of the optimization processes.


Master Business Administration

2022-08 - 2023-08

  • Artificial Intelligence and Big Data @ ICMC/USP


2016-03 - 2018-03

  • Computer Science and Computational Mathematics @ ICMC/USP


2011 - 2015

  • Applied Mathematics in Computer Science @ ICMC/USP

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