My first clojure project on the list!

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Recently, I created a new page on this website. I decided to put all cool projects that I made/find around the web (spoiler alert, for now it has only my projects hehe).

I have already put a few, but I noticed that none of them are in clojure which is my most fluent programming language these days.

So, let me introduce you to: invoice-translator!

The idea of the project is for you to be a little bit more aware of how you are spending your money every month. You can use something like gnucash for something like this, right? Well, yes but the tricky part is that you would have to populate the data. Or translate it to gnu-cash if you will.

Hence: invoice-translator! The idea here is to use the software to transform you credit card invoice (for now) into a csv in order to be fed to your money handling software.

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