pomodoro is now its own thing!

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I started using my pomodoro script again, and made few improvements. Also, I separated in its own repository.

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Pomodoro with shell script

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By now, you must be asking yourself: “Oh my god, all you know is janet/functional programming?!”, to which my answer would be a resounding “Yes!”.

However, today I decided to step a little bit outside my comfort zone and make a little script to help me use pomodoro for productivity.

Like you, hypothetical reader, I use dwm with dmenu. With these you can easily create a pomodoro executable to work for you. I say easily because I have no experience with shell script and I made it happen.

Enjoy =]

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New year, new goals, more posting!

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A new year has come and hopefully it won’t be 2020 too again (although it is).

My plan is to post more often from now on, hence the monero qr code =]

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