Mutt's glasses for html email


Mutt is awesome but html email not so much… well, let me give you a possible solution: create a hotkey (F) to open html email in your favorite browser.

macro attach F \
    <enter-command>unset wait_key<enter>\
    <shell-escape>rm -f /tmp/mutt-attach<enter>\
    <shell-escape>$BROWSER /tmp/mutt-attach &<enter>\

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Web view in mutt

mutt config

I know for a fact that you, hypothetical reader, are a mutt user. And as such, you know how frustrating html emails can be. Recently I was having this particular problem to see Jira emails.

Behold the solution!

In the mailcap file:

text/html;      w3m -v -F -T text/html -dump %s;        copiousoutput

/comments ~lucasemmoreira/ Web view in mutt