Uploading in firefox vs OpenBSD

openbsd firefox

I had some issues adapting to some security features in OpenBSD, for example, to have videoconferences (let’s meet). Another interesting problem I had was that I could not upload files from firefox.

To fix that, all I had to do was enter on this “page”: about:config and change this setting to the specified path that I wanted dom.input.fallbackUploadDir.

There you go, now you can upload files from this directory on your firefox.

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Meetings in openbsd


Ok… I have been using a little bit more OpenBSD, and I was having some issues to use it during calls. After some research and experimentation, I have thought a way to make it happen! So it was born lets-meet!

It is simply a toggle to enable/disable microphone and camera. Enjoy!

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Searching for packages in openbsd


Finally! I am using openbsd! It is quite interesting but somethings are different. I will need to post somethings to help me remember =]

Starting by package search:

pkg_info -aPqQ package | sort

where package is what you are looking for. Thanks for the tip Umgeher!

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