Finally, a whatsapp tui!

tui whatsapp

Ok, finally I have found a (half) solution to the whatsapp web problem. The problem being the “web” part of it… I don’t like having the browser open just to text chat. So for some time I have been looking for a text user interface solution to this.

In other words, a less RAM intensive little piece of software. The important key part for this solution is matterbridge. It is a piece of software that connects two chat enviroments that you have.

Effectively the only ones that I use are: email and whatsapp. Since this is not a viable bridging, I created a local IRC server to ensure that my chat does not go to a third party server.

Ok, now I can tell you all the softwares I used:

  1. matterbridge
  2. ergo (irc local server)
  3. weechat (but can be any irc client)

Here is an example of the matterbridge configuration for this kind of setup.

Here is the configuration of the ergo. It was the default when I cloned it

Now, start all with a script like this one.

There you go. A simple solution to an annoying problem. But it is a half solution because matterbridge only supports groups. Well, for now this is what I have. Enjoy =]

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